Light Up Roller Skate Wheels 4-Pack

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Bezmaksas piegāde uz pasūtījumiem virs 79 €
Piegāde 5-6 darba dienas
365 dienu atgriešanas

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Ar Rio Roller Light Up skrituļslidošanas riteņiem jūs noteikti krāšņi ieradīsieties vietējā skrituļslidošanas diskotēkā. Riteņslidotāju riteņos ir iebūvētas kustības aktivizētas LED gaismas.

Skrituļslidotāju riteņi ir lieliski piemēroti izmantošanai ārpus telpām, taču tie ir ideāli piemēroti arī lietošanai iekštelpās. Riteņa forma neļauj asu galiem saskrāpēt grīdu.

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Riteņu cietība:
Riteņa platums:
Only Spacers included
Riteņa diametrs:
Riteņa profils:
Riteņi iepakojumā:
Riteņa materiāls:
PU casted
Ieteicams lietotnei:
Indoor skating

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atsauksmes   (87)

Bought them for my niece. There was a little problem with delivery at first (didn’t get all the wheels at the same time), but i got a very kind feedback, very quickly and the missing wheels arrived some days later! My niece loves them!
Silvia C. (Sandweiler)
Reitings: 5 no 5!
Just so cool
Thomas Sexton (Carigaline Cork)
Reitings: 5 no 5!
Loveeeee the colours in these wheels but as with all light up wheels don't have as much speed as normal wheels
Sinead Bergin (Dublin)
Reitings: 4 no 5!
Bought for my daughter who loved them, after some confusion about fitting the new wheels a quick call to the help line and the problem was resolved within minutes. Helpful staff and great product :)
Claire H. (Arklow)
Reitings: 5 no 5!
Amazing, they are just what I wanted!
Anastasia Grilley (Irving)
Reitings: 5 no 5!
Great product very happy with my purchase
Adam G. (Brockport)
Reitings: 5 no 5!
Happy with purchase. Bought as a gift
Isobel muirhead (Glenrothes)
Reitings: 5 no 5!
These wheels were awesome and i was so happy with the results. they were even better looking than the picture and they feel amazing both inside on a roller rink floor and even outside! 100% recommend!
Jaz Robinson (Elk Grove)
Reitings: 5 no 5!
Disappointed. Wheels do not light up consistently. They mostly do not light up, but every now and then they will work for a second or two. Very sad faced.
Micah Raine Devynn (Las Vegas)
Reitings: 1 no 5!
Atbilde no SkatePro:  We are so sorry to hear about the wheels! My colleague has already reached out to you via email in order to sort the issue out as quickly as possible. Feel free to check your emails when you can 😊

Love the wheels! I put them on the outside just for a little color pop! They light up well.
C. Brown (Washington)
Reitings: 5 no 5!
These wheels are so pretty and light up in multiple colors. I got a pack in blue and one in pink, and the blue/green combo is so pleasing. Wheels are smaller diameter than the average wheel, but they glide pretty smooth for me. Glad I got these, especially since it’s so hard to find skate supplies right now.
Dantiel Moniz (Jacksonville)
Reitings: 5 no 5!
My daughter was so happy with her awesome wheels
Wendy Mercedes (Freeport)
Reitings: 5 no 5!
Great products, quick delivery!
Michaela C. (LONDON)
Reitings: 5 no 5!
I couldnt fit the bearings in the wheel because the hole is too small for anything to fit in. We had to buy new ones but other than that they look great can't wait to use them x
Alexia W. (Burton upon Trent)
Reitings: 3 no 5!
Atbilde no SkatePro:  Hi Alexia, thanks for the review! These wheels really do look nice. If you are having trouble fitting the bearings, please get in touch with us as we can offer lots of advice in this area 😊

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