ABEC 9 Freespin 608 16-Pack Bearings

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Wicked ABEC gultņi ar Freespin tehnoloģiju optimālam ripošanas ātrumam. Šie ABEC gultņi ir izgatavoti no moderniem materiāliem un eļļoti ar Kyodo smērvielu. Tādējādi tie ir gatavi lietošanai uzreiz pēc izņemšanas no iepakojuma. Tiem ir gumijas vairogs, tāpēc piekļuve apkopei ir vienkārša.


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atsauksmes   (153)

I have no issues with my bearings, I went from beating that I was using during the rainy Bay Area season, and they needed to be replaced badly. Once I replaced my old bearings with new ones from SkatePro, my ride instantly got better!! So no complaints here
Jerahmey Peterson (Hayward)
Reitings: 5 no 5!
Great bearings with a good spin/roll to them. Really happy
Susan Murphy (Renfrew)
Reitings: 5 no 5!
Purchased Wicked ABEC 9 bearings. Extremely unhappy considering I paid 50 USD for product * shipping only to find out that it’s performance is the same as my stock Wicked ABEC 7 ibearings in my aggressive rollerblades. What a hassle
adam c. (La Habra)
Reitings: 1 no 5!
Atbilde no SkatePro:  Thank you so much for your effort in writing this review. I am sorry to hear that you are not happy with your bearings. Feel free to email our customer service team at email@skatepro.com with a video of the skates. We can have a look at the problem and see how to assist you further.

Great bearings!
V. Gaspar (Dublin)
Reitings: 5 no 5!
Fine service. Definitely recommend
Richard Bedder (Brixham)
Reitings: 5 no 5!
scott a mcQueeny (Wonder Lake)
Reitings: 5 no 5!
Fast delivery, good quality. I'm very happy
Karen G. (London)
Reitings: 5 no 5!
The bearing seems OK overall, though a few of them are not as free as they ought to be! When fitted to a wheel and spun in the skate frame with the other wheels, they very quickly slow and stop spinning! I have also gone on to lubricating them with suitable lubricant for inline skate bearings, but with no change! I have also moved them about with different combinations of bearings / wheels with the same results! Maybe they will free up better with a bit more time in use?
David Wood (Guiseley and Rawdon Ward)
Reitings: 3 no 5!
Great product, excellent bearings at very competitive price. Easy transaction, quick despatch and delivery.
Paul Nesbitt (County Dublin)
Reitings: 5 no 5!
Very good bearings! I like TwinCam, but, these are fast and smooth, quality, maintainable bearings!
Oljan T Paczkowski (South Bend)
Reitings: 5 no 5!
Great bearings . There is nothing bad about just recommanded
Karolina Nawrocka (Dublin)
Reitings: 5 no 5!
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