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Bezmaksas piegāde uz pasūtījumiem virs 79 €
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6 mm. oriģinālais ass komplekts visiem K2 modeļiem ar alumīnija rāmjiem.
(ieskaitot VO Boa, Exo 2.1, Exo 6.0, Kinetic 8.0 og 10.0, Velocity 4.0, Xcellerate, Moto, Moto Extreme, Mach, Alexis, Celena...).

Komplektā ietilpst:
Komplektā ietilpst 8 gab. 28 mm ass + skrūve (der visiem riteņiem) Ovāla galva.
1 gab. 41 mm ass + skrūve (der ritenim pie bremzēm).

(ass garums mērīts bez asu galvas)

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atsauksmes   (69)

K2 Xcelerate axle set were a perfect fit for my K2 Freedom 80 skates, quick delivery too!!
Martyn G. (Falkirk)
Reitings: 5 no 5!
Fast service. Product well described. Nice people to deal with.
Graham Reeve (Hemingford Grey)
Reitings: 5 no 5!
Fit perfectly
Tim Halliday (St Helens)
Reitings: 5 no 5!
Very fast service, product exactly as described. Have used before, will use again.
Mr A Fowler (Taunton)
Reitings: 5 no 5!
I can make those much stronger myself at home. Those originals are made to break easily. Planned obsoletion? Guess so.
Heiti K. (Voltti)
Reitings: 3 no 5!
Atbilde no SkatePro:  We are very sorry to hear that you haven't been satisfied with your product. If the axles are still unused, you can return them or change them to another product. The instructions for product return you can find here: https://www.skatepro.fi/d16.htm We are also more than happy to help you to find a product that serves your needs the best :) /Tanja
Perfect for K2 V02 90 Boa.
M. Kresch (Green Bay)
Reitings: 5 no 5!
Great axles! They are made from metal and have also tiny screws. They look like on the picture just not as flat.
Mariusz Marcinkowski (London)
Reitings: 5 no 5!
Good service, prompt delivery, item as described and expected. Happy customer !
Manuel Garcia-Melgares (London)
Reitings: 5 no 5!
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