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SkatePro's Return Service

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Julian T. (Great Bookham and Fetcham)
Reitings: 5 no 5!
Ivan Parikov (Scarborough)
Reitings: 5 no 5!
Returned some shoes before never had an issue
Michael I foster (Hook)
Reitings: 5 no 5!
I very happy with return item I print return label and drop in shop where DPD collect and skatespro return money to acount, and again I ordered different skates
Lijana Dailidiene (Tullamore)
Reitings: 5 no 5!
Excellent thanks
D. McCorry (Newtownabbey)
Reitings: 5 no 5!
Returning was super easy. Even from United States. All of the forms were already filled out and they sent a label to make it easier. Even the people at the UPS store were very impressed.
Richard Wheeler (Saunderstown)
Reitings: 5 no 5!
Awesome, easy and quick
Lisa Rock (Newtownabbey)
Reitings: 5 no 5!
Great service
Andrew butler (Camborne)
Reitings: 5 no 5!
Easy to use
Susan Murphy (Renfrew)
Reitings: 5 no 5!
Skatepro should clearly state on the product page that this is a UPS label. I purchased a return label but there are no UPS locations where I am and I can't schedule a pickup. So, I've basically wasted my money.
Danik Bourdeau (Bridgetown)
Reitings: 1 no 5!
Atbilde no SkatePro:  Hi Danik, thank you for taking your time to give us feedback.

You're absolutely right, this information is missing from our website. We apologize for that! We will update our site as soon as possible.

If you can't use the ordered return label, we can refund the money for you. We will reach out to you in a separate email. :) /SkatePro Customer Connection Team
Very efficient service, the parcel shop required some chasing but other than that, worked well.
Mark Power (Lusk)
Reitings: 5 no 5!
Had to pay postage
Reitings: 1 no 5!
Atbilde no SkatePro:  Thank you for your review. The return label that we've sent to you after you ordered our return service, should have been enough. There are no extra fees or tax that you have to pay for returning a parcel. I have just emailed you, so we can look into it for you. Our apologies for the inconvenience. /Doreen
The possibility of a return is not a hurdle to ordering from skate pro is it is handled very well.
Janine McEvoy (Drimoleague)
Reitings: 5 no 5!
Great service! I had to return my roller skates because I ordered the wrong size. Even though I live in the UK, there was no problem with that. I LOVE this shop and the people who work there. Thank you for settling the matter quickly. I will buy again from this store. I definitely recommend it
Monika Wal (BOSTON)
Reitings: 5 no 5!
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