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Mini BMX Assembling

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Bezmaksas piegāde uz pasūtījumiem virs 79 €
Piegāde 5-6 darba dienas
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atsauksmes   (85)

I did order pegs with the bike and thought they would have been put on as part of the assembly but they where easy enough to put on myself.
Ann Davis (Ballinteer, Dundrum, Dublin)
Reitings: 4 no 5!
You didn’t put this in the box and I want a refund I paid for it and haven’t even been able to do anything with the bike cz u didn’t give what I had paid for !
Brooke Quinn (Banstead Village Ward)
Reitings: 1 no 5!
Atbilde no SkatePro:  This product is not a physical product but a service, we provide in our workshop. When you order this service with your mini BMX, it will mean, that you will receive the mini BMX completely assembled 😊 /Justin
All assembled to a very high standard
Joy Rockcliffe (Royal Leamington Spa)
Reitings: 5 no 5!
Delighted with assembly of the bike
Stacey o donoghue (cork)
Reitings: 5 no 5!
All assembled correctly as promised
Steven Coffey (Bury)
Reitings: 5 no 5!
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